Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     Wicked is in town this week! I honestly didn't even know they were in town until a couple of weeks ago. I love musical and plays but I am not one to spend money on them. While traveling and have pictures is one thing, I just feel like I've wasted money with nothing to show for it with concerts, plays, games, etc. I don't judge others, this is just why I have a hard time spending money on these things. Jason feels the same way, so I was extra surprised when he was shopping for Wicket tickets online the other night! He knows        I've wanted to see it for some time. If you go to the actual site where the performance is being held, the show is sold out. But, there are tons of tickets on Craigslist. What is so frustrating is the 99% of the tickets are from dealers. And, they have the prices starting at $200 each. Seriously, the cheapest tickets I saw were $193 a piece. I know this is not how much good seats actually cost if you bought them from TPAC.
     It actually really makes me mad that companies would do this but then again, maybe there are people who would pay that? Not I of course! I just remind myself that it's always the same with things like this. Companies do this because…THEY CAN! Oh the joys of greed. It's the same thing with college textbooks. They are so expensive because they can be.
     On another note, I thought I'd leave you with some funnies. These made me laugh this week!

Sadly, this is probably true for many Americans.


  1. I'm not all that into musicals, but I saw "Wicked" a few weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing. Probably one of the best shows I've ever seen.

    We saw some pretty crazy ticket prices too, but ended up getting seats for reasonable prices straight from the theater where the show was being held. Definitely well under $100 each, including fees.

  2. Yes that is so frustrating with any theater/concert/sports events ticketing. Always on stub hub and 3X the price! I hope you can get tickets because wicked is AWESOME! But the set design is the best part so maybe we should just meet in NYC and see it on broadway. I'm not kidding! Next spring maybe??