Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Snorkeling, Spear Fishing, and Cliff Jumping.

Grace and Aunt Kimmie snorkeling

Spear Fishing…but he didn't catch this one!

Kaylen jumping. I couldn't get my big arse up the rope to reach the top. No doubt about it.

Jacqueline, who climbed around. Okay, okay…I just didn't care to jump. 

Strawberry Shortcake was waiting in the fridge for us when we got home! Yum.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Grace has made several friends here on the island. She has been skyping with one girl all year long, so she was excited to spend this week with her. Her friend had an orthodontist appointment today, in Nassau. That is where the kids go for those appointments.  Grace rode in the speed boat with them (50 miles) and spent some time at the mall too. She took some video with the Flip camera. Here is a short clip as they are leaving  Nassau. You can see how pretty some parts of it are. 

Day three

The camp went great yesterday afternoon. The 5-7 of us adults run a FCA sports camp with the kids from the island. I had no idea till today how much the kids love this camp, and look forward to it. I'm so glad that we were able to come do this again this year.

In the afternoon we went to the beach and just relaxed for a couple of hours. I finally got my first jellyfish sting. It sucked. Apparently, it could have been much worse. So I am grateful. I didn't see anything but had this immediate burning on the back of my leg. It stung really bad for about 15 minutes. I felt so silly because Jason kept saying "I don't see anything." I later found out it doesn't always leave a mark. Jason did see a faint, red line right where it was burning.
I guess there is a first time for everything. I just hope it won't happen again. Hopefully it won't happen again. I did not cry, but it was not fun!

Here are some pictures from the beach today.

We jumped off the bridge last year but I'm not doing it again this year. The water is actually in so high that there is not much of a jump.  I joked that with all the impact it took me hours to pull my swimsuit out of my crack! Ha.  I did get this picture of one of the kids jumping off. This is what they do for fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Karaoke can be quite amusing.

We went to one of the two restaurants on the island last night and had a wonderful meal. I had carrott casserole that was amazing. I have never had anything close, and I loved it.

Below is a video of a stranger singing karaoke. We were laughing so hard. I tried to get the beginning but I couldn't figure out how to focus my camera. I did manage to get the end of the song. When the guy was leaving he yelled to everyone "I'll be here all week, literally!" It was hilarious. This is a small clip.

Sporting their Superman shirts.

My sis and "Papa Andy" 

Kimmie and I had to get in some Dixie Chicks too!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're here!

We met my sister in Atlanta and I'm so glad to see her after almost 7+ months. I am looking forward to spending this week with her! I'll be updating throughout the week. We are headed off to eat dinner and sing Karaoke.
Arriving on the water taxi.

I love the way this is focused on Grace! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I found it!

I got an awesome necklace from Silpada Jewelry several months ago. I thought I'd lost it.  I looked all through my jewelry box and couldn't find it. I knew I had to clean it out when, looking for it, I couldn't hardly tell what the heck was what. I threw away so much stuff. Don't worry, I have very little jewelry that is of monetary value, if any.

But, I did find my new favorite necklace! There is a pic in the middle.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

You know those friends…and ugly cowboy boots?

You know those friends who you don't have to talk to but several times a year? The ones who you love like a sister or a cousin. You might have a select few, like me, who, if I ever had to pick 5 or 6 to be stranded on an island with, they would be the ones. 

Katie is one of those. 

Enjoying the cobbler bar at a wedding reception. 

Brittany and I showing off our boots. 
I have to add that I have never worn boots in my life. Only in the last couple of years have I thought they are somewhat fashionable with cute sundresses. You know, like Taylor Swift can pull off. She's one of the select few that can pull off boots in my opinion. I was trying to be festive at this wedding reception, at The Traveller's Rest BarnBARN. Well, Brittany and I were the only ones wearing boots. I should have just worn my cute little blue dress that I wanted to wear, with my strappy gold shoes. Oh well, at least I can say I wore boots once in my life. I won't be doing it again. And don't worry, I bought these last year for Grace, from Goodwill. I didn't waste but like $10. And they've been worn twice now! HA!
Natalie to my left, your right.

Natalie is another one of those friends. Natalie and Katie are actually both good friends of my sister's. They met in college and they both are a little more rebellious than my two sisters, so naturally we have become best friends! Natalie got married a couple of months ago in May, in Texas. Last weekend they had a reception here in Nashville. I was so happy to spend the evening with these two girls. Brittany (on the far right) is Natalie's best friend. Their families have been neighbors since the girls were little. I have just recently gotten to know Brittany as she has been attending our church with her boyfriend. She is a fun girl who I look forward to getting to know more. 
Having a blast!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Weekend.

We went to this really nice restaurant while in the little town of Anniston, AL this last weekend. My Aunt and Uncle treated us to this great place on the main road down
 town. It's locally owned and called Classic on Noble (Noble St.).

It's in an old place so all hard wood flooring with nice China and  glass partitions  for all the different areas.

The beverage bar. The wait staff brings water, tea or coke.  

Dessert Bar! Every cake you can imagine. I had caramel pie, coconut cake and turtle pie!

To the left (not picured) is the hot bar. All the mashed potatoes, grilled veggies,  a meat server that will cut you any slice you want, maccaroni and cheese…you get the idea. Pictured here is the omelet and pancake bar and just before that is the chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows, Rice Krispie treats! Sorry about the pictures, my phone had to do.

The kiddie table! Cake pops, little PBJ sandwiches, french fries, chicken fingers, etc.

The centerpiece table as you walk in. It had every kind of salad imaginable: waldorf, tuna, chicken, ceasar, strawberry, crab. This table also had frog legs, caprese, and breads, and pita chips with the dips.

Upstairs with the full bar for night life. 

I thought it looked like such a fun place to dine at night.

Jason in mid air! We relaxed by the pool a lot at my family's house. 

My Uncle Rick and Aunt Nancy. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So many of my friends have talked about going to the beach or even are at the beach right now. I must admit, I can't wait to be back here in three weeks. THE most beautiful beach I have ever seen. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

The hard life.

I did not want to come to the pool today. Swimming is about the only physical activity Marcus will do. I'm laying out, reading my new RW mag, soaking up the rays. And in all seriousness, I'm only here because Marcus wanted to swim and I didn't have any other important appointments or obligations. I complained a little to Jason that I HAD to go to the pool...blah blah blah. He rolled his eyes and said, "it must be a hard life!"