Monday, February 24, 2014

Floors and boots. Hmm.

We bought Grace her first pair of Ariat cowboy boots this year. She is now in a school where all the girls wear them and so she wanted a pair, too. She has worn them probably three times, mainly in the yard to help her dad. Really. What does she wear, you ask? Her converse, almost daily. Oh well, I suppose every girl needs one pair of cowboy boots. 

Speaking of...

I grew up in middle Tennessee 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. Broadway and 2nd avenue was a big hangout on the weekends and still is one of the biggest tourist spots today. I NEVER had boots growing up. I NEVER wanted boots. I did not like country music, believe it or not. And I rolled my eyes when students would blare The Dance, by Garth Brooks, in the gym before school! Really! My friends wore Ropers and I thought they were the ugliest shoes! I still think they are ugly, too. And I DO NOT want a pair. 

Now, these, 


 I have been eying boots and will be getting a pair soon. But for now, I am sacrificing so we can get new floors put in before baby. Yes. For real. It's only $120 compared to $10,000, but still. Every Penney counts. Right? Ugh. 

Do you have boots? Or those other ugly shoes? 😜

Sunday, February 23, 2014


     I think that's the silliest name for "trip before baby comes" but oh well. That is what I've heard it called so I'm doing it too. :) 

     We are heading here in a few weeks. I am super excited and can't wait to get away. I am typically the traveler who would choose somewhere in Europe any day over a tropical place…that EVERYONE goes to anyways. We have been to quite a few tropical places and this one is a first for us; JAMAICA.  The thing about places like this is relaxation. I didn't go to Israel to relax, or Germany, or London. I go to those places to sight see. And I LOVE to sight see and see new places. 

     Our best friends are celebrating their 20th anniversary and they asked us to come along. I'm all for it. Jason and I often try to get away by ourselves, but after several days we always wish friends would have joined us.  am thrilled to be able to spend my days laying around and reading and chatting with Donna. We have said the guys could play golf all day and we can shop and relax. It's a win for us both! 

     I am a naturally pale person. I am okay with that. I like fake tanners in the summer and will typically wear them on my arms and legs when I wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. I always wear sunscreen when in a bathing suit too. I am considering a spray tan. I have done a couple before and they were fine. I didn't have any problems and with my blondish hair I look nice with a tan…even fake! 

Have you ever had a spray tan? What are your thoughts? 

*I am having my hair CHOPPED on Tuesday! I can't wait! I'll post pics!

Friday, February 21, 2014


As I've already posted, we are expecting and couldn't be more thrilled! I am following a Baby Bump app and it's so fun, as compared to 13 yrs ago before smart phones! The daily "advice" for today caught me off guard. I'm going on my 16th week and here's what was suggested:


We haven't bought a single thing for baby, much mess put up the crib (which happens to be the only baby item we kept for the last 13 years!). It's kind of early in my opinion. 

When did you start getting the nursery ready? 

Friday, February 14, 2014


With the blogger app I can now post from my phone. Wow! Who knew? 

I plan on posting more because there is so much that I don't feel needs to be on Facebook (not just yet).

This for example...


I'll be posting more soon.