Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 65

Has it really been 30 days?

I can't believe I've been so bad about posting.

Ha…who am I kidding. Yes I can!

I am loving Turbofire. The workouts are fun, the music is great, and the inches are slowly falling off of my midriff area. That is always a very tough area for me. Now, don't get me wrong, there are days when I do not want to push play. There are days when I say, "I'll just eat well and skip my workout today." But, I have actually only fallen prey to that several times. I have been VERY disciplined for the most part. I think being so frustrated with my clothes not fitting has just put me over the edge. Now it is fun for them to be comfortable again, and see the changes! While this Turbofire program is 90 days, the videos and the lifestyle change I have made will go on forever. I am excited about the progress and am getting super excited about all the different workouts and changes in my body. I am taking my 60 day pics this week and will working hard this last month. I have entered a 90 day contest online and have to submit before and after pics. Those won't be public!! Eventually I hope to post before/after pics on here, but I don't have any idea if that will ever happen. I don't have that much courage!

On another note, my little girl…14 years old, went to a party this last weekend. It was a formal themed party. I'm not going to give my opinion of that, but lets just say the evening went pretty well. She went with a "date" and we stayed and grilled out with his family while there were gone. We had a great evening. When we first arrived Grace did not want to take off her jacket. She was so uncomfortable with a strapless dress. Let's just say I hope she always is! HA! She had on her jacket most of the evening (so I was told) and I was glad. I hope that modesty lasts forever. I kind of hope it would flow into other areas as well; like shorts and swimsuits!

Here is a few that rode together.

Grace and Drew: aka- boy-friend.