Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why do I do this to myself?

There was chocolate in those wrappers.

I shouldn't write what I really think.

Wow! I seriously can't believe I have been so behind on posting. Well. I can believe it. School pretty much had me in a haze this last semester. Lack of funds encouraged me to take a much needed break this summer. If for anything, for reasons like this: Jewel of the Nile just came on TV. YES! That's one reason I am so glad I can relax a little in the coming months. Not necessarily so I can watch TV, but I can do what I want to should something come up, and not have to always choose homework!

Well, one of my BFF's moved to Montana last week. If you know your states you know that Montana is VERY far from Tennessee. I promised Angela that I would do my best to update a least twice a week. I enjoy blogging, I really do. But sometimes, well, a lot actually, I think of things all day long that I would like to share. For instance, all the parents that let their girls wear shorts up to their 'you know what.' Do they not know that places like the movies probably have all kinds of bacteria and bugs crawling in those cloth seats. Seriously. I just don't get it. Not to mention, do you just WANT boys looking at your child's  ass? Because they are going to look anyways, so why draw more attention? Hmm? See what I mean. Sometimes I need to just chill and probably not write what I am thinking. I am really afraid if a lot of my friends read my blog (which they don't), they might not want to be my friend anymore; I can be EXTREMELY opinionated.

Anyhow, I will be updating regularly now, even if just with pictures! So for my other BFF in California, what do you say we both try the twice a week thing?

Angela and I after Country Music Half Marathon

PS: I am fully aware that I am 33 years old and used BFF twice in this post. It won't happen again…might not happen…maybe.