Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She's 12

We had Grace a little party!
I can't believe my daughter is 12. Lucky for me, I still don't feel old yet.
Poor Marcus came down with the flu last week and was sick all weekend. We had originally planned to have some friends of Grace's over for pizza and head to the movies, but didn't want any kids in the house with Marcus. He had already been on antibiotics for several days, and doctor confirmed he would not be contagious anymore, but we didn't want to take any chances.  We met at Cici's and then took the girls to the movies.  She had a great time!

This picture is only here because I am longing for this place, again. Honestly I wouldn't mind taking off and living/working here for a year or two but that's a different story. The crazy life of change that my husband and I love probably couldn't be explained anyhow! Jason and I have been talking about where we want to spend our vacation time this year. He only gets several weeks, so we like to use them wisely. Ultimately, we would love to visit my parents and sister in Israel. Unfortunately, flight costs are outragious. We just cannot do that yet. If I could persuade my mother to stay with the kids for a week (she'll be here for a couple of months), I would love to go back to England, with Jason this time. This top picture is taken in a cafe in Birmingham, England. It was right around the corner from where my sister was living at the time. 

Some of you have seen this before. As crowded as this  houseboat was, I would love to rent it again. It really was  an experience of a lifetime. This trip is still my favorite, to date. 

Just because it is so beautiful! I get really excited looking at this picture, imagining how great the pictures will be with my newer camera. (oh the little things that excite me)
This last picture is my formal announcement that I am doing the Country Music Half Marathon again. I am running with Team In Training. They are the largest endurance training organization. I loved participating with them last year and am thrilled to be training again. Running in the ice cold is a reminder to me that I don't run for just myself. The money I am fundraising goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help fight blood borne cancers. Sometimes, all I have to do is think about a patient who can't get out and run, much less walk, and that usually perks up my step.

If you should want to help me with my goal of fundraising $1150, you can click on the link at your right. It will take you straight to my page, where you can make a quick, online, tax deductable donation.

Thanks friends, for hanging in there with me. I know I am not the most consistant blogger!

Back to school

I've been out of it lately. Marcus is heading back to school today, after being home for five days with the flu. I am headed back to school as well.

I don't have too much to share but will fill you in tonight…promise!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to school!

Back to school today.

It is still baffling to think how much I enjoy classes. I was actually upset last week when they were canceled due to snow.

I am such a different person than I was 12+ years ago. I was thinking the other day about regrets and things I would change. This was spurred from listening to a morning talk show, and hearing someone say they had no regrets. I have plenty of regrets. I have plenty of things I would do different. Maybe I am the only one who will admit it, I don't know.

I am going to be talking about these things later in the week.

I'm surrounded by young kids who are talking about how tired they are…HA! If they only knew.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some winter pics.

looking down street.

My almost 12 year old who thinks she is too cool for jackets.
She has on three sweatshirts and several tshirts here.

Playing with camera.

Grace and neighbor's dog.

I thought the red was so pretty.

I think I figured out how to correctly focus this
while playing with the focus dots in the house last night.
There is so much I need to learn about my camera. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


My almost 12 year old has begged for an Ipod Touch for some time now. We got her one for Christmas, after much consideration.

She does not have a cell phone because we do not see the need. I am not jumping on the bandwagen just because all of her friends have one. YES, all of her friends except one. Seriously. In my opinion, some parents make things a lot harder on others! I also know there are exceptions, I do realize that, I promise.

 I take her to school. I pick her up from school. I take her to and from all her basketball and soccer games/practices. So why would she need a cell phone?

Back to the Itouch. I have been laughing descretely at the funny things she is doing with it.

Make your own drawings.

Whew! Praise God the girl is not boy crazy…yet.

We both do.
 And my personal favorite. Wait for it…FAT FACE!