Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Day of School!

For Marcus, that is. 

Grace is still in Israel. 

She was in Poland for ten days helping the family with an FCA camp and they visited Slovenia, Austria, and Prague before heading back to Jerusalem. She will be back in a bit. Not soon enough, though! 

I thought I'd share how yesterday went. 

I do not know what is wrong with my camera. It has been blurry since a couple of weeks ago when I had it outside one evening. 

Crap. It won't even focus. This sucks. I bet it has moisture in it but it's already been two weeks. 

After two weeks, surely it would have dried by now. Great. I  don't even know if there is a camera store here. I hope it won't cost too much. 
 Insert conversation with my friend Angela - "Take off the lense and let it dry out for a few minutes, but not too long or dust could get in." I proceed to tell her it's still blurry and won't even focus. "Laurie, are you sure you have Automatic Focus switched on?" Well of course I do, I always do, but let me check. CRAP. It's on Manual Focus. Angela - hehehe, haha, and all sorts of other laughter and mocking!

Ha. I can't believe I did that. Actually, I am surprised that somebody else did that. Because, I surely would not have.
So, here we go again. Only today, Marcus had to be there 45 min earlier to get picked up by the appropriate teacher. Can you tell he's tired. Don't worry about the duster in the back. That's actually a
big deal because I never dust. 

"Smile Marcus." He's definitely going to bed earlier tonight. 

Oh well.