Sunday, November 9, 2014

Random thoughts…

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing.
I do not like writing. In case you didn't read that correctly, I DO NOT LIKE WRITING.
There. I wrote it.

Several times over the last few years I have thought about writing out my life story. Well, really starting with my earliest memories and working my way till now. I know this would take tons of time. I also know that I would have to go back and add stuff…all the time! I feel like I have a great memory until something that is so obvious cannot come to mind. I think of random things all the time and I know I'd need to go back and insert these thoughts into chronological order.

Now, you may be thinking: what is so special about your life that others would want to read about it? Well, that's just it. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary special about my life. I just know I have had certain circumstances and situations that many could relate to. I mean, don't we all? I read Suzanne Beecher's "Muffins and Mayhem" a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it but remember thinking at the end, there was nothing special about this, it was just one woman's honest story. I loved that it made me laugh and cry, even though she seemed to be like the mom next door when I was growing up. Nothing too special, just a fun lady sharing her story, and we all have one!

If I know myself I know I will not journal well. I am the most unorganized person I know. Really, I am. Did you see this picture of my bedside table? Enough said. But I do think I can write about my random thoughts here! Lately the biggest consumers of my thoughts are fitness, food, parenting and marriage, and postpartum; not in any particular order. Food - mainly because it is Fall, and postpartum because I have a three month old. If I told you all the thoughts that ran through my mind you would say I need help. And yes, I do, and I am in close contact with my Dr. We even text message! And I don't mean to sound too lighthearted about postpartum. It is no laughing matter, as I am realizing. I never knew how serious this was until after G was born. This is no joke.

So. Now that I've filled you in. Come along, and lets laugh and cry together!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I still can't believe I have another baby. 
There are times when I think about how much our world has changed in the last year and my heart could just explode. I really do feel so blessed. 
Then, I see the news on TV about innocent lives taken. I see on Facebook my friend who is needing to have a hysterectomy and she hasn't had children yet. I read of my friend who has had several failed medical procedures trying to conceive their first child. 
The point is there will always be bad and evil, but there will also always be good and hope. I know that no matter what, there is always hope. And I am so glad that I know HIM. 
We thank god everyday for this new miracle. Although, he's three months old on Saturday so I'm not sure how long I can keep saying new

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fit Club

I have still been hosting our Fit Club on Saturday mornings. Today was especially difficult, as we did Turbo Fire and it is intense. When I start to get too uncomfortable I just take it down a bit. I love the few girls who come and the accountability it provides. 
In this pic I'm 30wks 5days! It's getting closer and closer! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

28 wks!

Moving right along. I had a growth scan yesterday and they measured baby at approximately 2.10lbs. Exciting to know he's right on schedule. 
I look like I have a basketball in my belly! The material from my shorts is bunched up and makes it look strange, but it's a perfect round ball! Weird! I'm still wondering how a 2.10lb baby inside equals a 25 lbs weight gain!!! Yikes! I know how it equals out, but I am definitely gonna try and eat better these next few months. For baby and me. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I've been thinking lately about baby #3 and this miracle inside of me.

I don't deserve this. None of us do. I have really struggled with this grace thing. I know there are so many who would and have given up so much to have their own children, yet for some reason God has said "no." I don't understand why he would choose to bless us with another baby, but I am so glad he did. I pray that this little boy would grow up to be a strong man who loves Jesus with all his heart. I also pray that Jason and I, as well as Grace and Marcus, will set the example by showing him how to do that.

Jason had a dream soon before I conceived that we had a baby boy and his name was Gideon. I love the name. I think it is so fitting, and Jason says we don't have a choice, that he really believes the dream was from God and that has to be his name. I am also working at a school several days a week and easy pronunciation and spelling are the number one requirements for me! HA!

I am now 26+ weeks and moving right along. Doc says eat and grow is all that needs to happen now. Well, he said don't eat too much, but yeah, that's hard but I'm trying to manage!

I'll post more pics soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

25 weeks!

Belly is popping, for sure. And I definitely feel pregnant now! I'm loving it all and so grateful to be able to carry a baby. I'm excited about August! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

22 Weeks

In sunny Jamaica. I'm so glad to have this time before baby and with husband and friends. 

23 wks.

I still can't believe this is real. Seriously! I don't know why I am having such a hard time believing this. I have the belly, and boy do I feel the kicking! It's getting pretty exciting! I suppose when school is out and I have more time to think about a new addition I will start freaking out! According to this app baby is about the length of 12 inches! Wow!! 

Monday, April 14, 2014


We had a wonderful time in Jamaica.

We went with our friends who were there celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Sean and Donna have been close friends of ours since we met them in 2000 back in 29 Palms, Ca.

While the resort was beautiful, the country reminded me very much of Mexico. There were all kinds of poor beggars in the streets. Because of this we stayed on the resort the majority of the time and ventured out to Ocho Rios one morning to shop. We saw many half built homes, they were everywhere we drove. One tour guide said the reason is the interest rate for a mortgage loan is 31%. Outrageous! She said on average it takes ten years to build a house because you spend what cash you have to build what you can, then work and save to start again. The plus is in the end, it's paid for. If you think about it, that's better than the 20-30 year mortgages we take out and pay for!

Here are a few pics from the week.
Donna and I

22 wks. pregnant

Saturday, March 22, 2014


He has just about passed me in height. He is getting so big!! I'm 19 wks in this picture. The same goes for me too! 😉

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

18 weeks.

Wow! It seems to come out of nowhere. I'm heading to gym in this picture. March 31st is the day we find out gender. 
Getting excited!!  

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Definitely the boldest I've ever had!! I like it...for once. But, don't think I'll do it again. Believe it or not it takes some time to style. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Floors and boots. Hmm.

We bought Grace her first pair of Ariat cowboy boots this year. She is now in a school where all the girls wear them and so she wanted a pair, too. She has worn them probably three times, mainly in the yard to help her dad. Really. What does she wear, you ask? Her converse, almost daily. Oh well, I suppose every girl needs one pair of cowboy boots. 

Speaking of...

I grew up in middle Tennessee 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. Broadway and 2nd avenue was a big hangout on the weekends and still is one of the biggest tourist spots today. I NEVER had boots growing up. I NEVER wanted boots. I did not like country music, believe it or not. And I rolled my eyes when students would blare The Dance, by Garth Brooks, in the gym before school! Really! My friends wore Ropers and I thought they were the ugliest shoes! I still think they are ugly, too. And I DO NOT want a pair. 

Now, these, 


 I have been eying boots and will be getting a pair soon. But for now, I am sacrificing so we can get new floors put in before baby. Yes. For real. It's only $120 compared to $10,000, but still. Every Penney counts. Right? Ugh. 

Do you have boots? Or those other ugly shoes? 😜

Sunday, February 23, 2014


     I think that's the silliest name for "trip before baby comes" but oh well. That is what I've heard it called so I'm doing it too. :) 

     We are heading here in a few weeks. I am super excited and can't wait to get away. I am typically the traveler who would choose somewhere in Europe any day over a tropical place…that EVERYONE goes to anyways. We have been to quite a few tropical places and this one is a first for us; JAMAICA.  The thing about places like this is relaxation. I didn't go to Israel to relax, or Germany, or London. I go to those places to sight see. And I LOVE to sight see and see new places. 

     Our best friends are celebrating their 20th anniversary and they asked us to come along. I'm all for it. Jason and I often try to get away by ourselves, but after several days we always wish friends would have joined us.  am thrilled to be able to spend my days laying around and reading and chatting with Donna. We have said the guys could play golf all day and we can shop and relax. It's a win for us both! 

     I am a naturally pale person. I am okay with that. I like fake tanners in the summer and will typically wear them on my arms and legs when I wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. I always wear sunscreen when in a bathing suit too. I am considering a spray tan. I have done a couple before and they were fine. I didn't have any problems and with my blondish hair I look nice with a tan…even fake! 

Have you ever had a spray tan? What are your thoughts? 

*I am having my hair CHOPPED on Tuesday! I can't wait! I'll post pics!

Friday, February 21, 2014


As I've already posted, we are expecting and couldn't be more thrilled! I am following a Baby Bump app and it's so fun, as compared to 13 yrs ago before smart phones! The daily "advice" for today caught me off guard. I'm going on my 16th week and here's what was suggested:


We haven't bought a single thing for baby, much mess put up the crib (which happens to be the only baby item we kept for the last 13 years!). It's kind of early in my opinion. 

When did you start getting the nursery ready? 

Friday, February 14, 2014


With the blogger app I can now post from my phone. Wow! Who knew? 

I plan on posting more because there is so much that I don't feel needs to be on Facebook (not just yet).

This for example...


I'll be posting more soon.