Sunday, November 9, 2014

Random thoughts…

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing.
I do not like writing. In case you didn't read that correctly, I DO NOT LIKE WRITING.
There. I wrote it.

Several times over the last few years I have thought about writing out my life story. Well, really starting with my earliest memories and working my way till now. I know this would take tons of time. I also know that I would have to go back and add stuff…all the time! I feel like I have a great memory until something that is so obvious cannot come to mind. I think of random things all the time and I know I'd need to go back and insert these thoughts into chronological order.

Now, you may be thinking: what is so special about your life that others would want to read about it? Well, that's just it. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary special about my life. I just know I have had certain circumstances and situations that many could relate to. I mean, don't we all? I read Suzanne Beecher's "Muffins and Mayhem" a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it but remember thinking at the end, there was nothing special about this, it was just one woman's honest story. I loved that it made me laugh and cry, even though she seemed to be like the mom next door when I was growing up. Nothing too special, just a fun lady sharing her story, and we all have one!

If I know myself I know I will not journal well. I am the most unorganized person I know. Really, I am. Did you see this picture of my bedside table? Enough said. But I do think I can write about my random thoughts here! Lately the biggest consumers of my thoughts are fitness, food, parenting and marriage, and postpartum; not in any particular order. Food - mainly because it is Fall, and postpartum because I have a three month old. If I told you all the thoughts that ran through my mind you would say I need help. And yes, I do, and I am in close contact with my Dr. We even text message! And I don't mean to sound too lighthearted about postpartum. It is no laughing matter, as I am realizing. I never knew how serious this was until after G was born. This is no joke.

So. Now that I've filled you in. Come along, and lets laugh and cry together!

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