Monday, February 24, 2014

Floors and boots. Hmm.

We bought Grace her first pair of Ariat cowboy boots this year. She is now in a school where all the girls wear them and so she wanted a pair, too. She has worn them probably three times, mainly in the yard to help her dad. Really. What does she wear, you ask? Her converse, almost daily. Oh well, I suppose every girl needs one pair of cowboy boots. 

Speaking of...

I grew up in middle Tennessee 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. Broadway and 2nd avenue was a big hangout on the weekends and still is one of the biggest tourist spots today. I NEVER had boots growing up. I NEVER wanted boots. I did not like country music, believe it or not. And I rolled my eyes when students would blare The Dance, by Garth Brooks, in the gym before school! Really! My friends wore Ropers and I thought they were the ugliest shoes! I still think they are ugly, too. And I DO NOT want a pair. 

Now, these, 


 I have been eying boots and will be getting a pair soon. But for now, I am sacrificing so we can get new floors put in before baby. Yes. For real. It's only $120 compared to $10,000, but still. Every Penney counts. Right? Ugh. 

Do you have boots? Or those other ugly shoes? 😜

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