Monday, July 18, 2011

You know those friends…and ugly cowboy boots?

You know those friends who you don't have to talk to but several times a year? The ones who you love like a sister or a cousin. You might have a select few, like me, who, if I ever had to pick 5 or 6 to be stranded on an island with, they would be the ones. 

Katie is one of those. 

Enjoying the cobbler bar at a wedding reception. 

Brittany and I showing off our boots. 
I have to add that I have never worn boots in my life. Only in the last couple of years have I thought they are somewhat fashionable with cute sundresses. You know, like Taylor Swift can pull off. She's one of the select few that can pull off boots in my opinion. I was trying to be festive at this wedding reception, at The Traveller's Rest BarnBARN. Well, Brittany and I were the only ones wearing boots. I should have just worn my cute little blue dress that I wanted to wear, with my strappy gold shoes. Oh well, at least I can say I wore boots once in my life. I won't be doing it again. And don't worry, I bought these last year for Grace, from Goodwill. I didn't waste but like $10. And they've been worn twice now! HA!
Natalie to my left, your right.

Natalie is another one of those friends. Natalie and Katie are actually both good friends of my sister's. They met in college and they both are a little more rebellious than my two sisters, so naturally we have become best friends! Natalie got married a couple of months ago in May, in Texas. Last weekend they had a reception here in Nashville. I was so happy to spend the evening with these two girls. Brittany (on the far right) is Natalie's best friend. Their families have been neighbors since the girls were little. I have just recently gotten to know Brittany as she has been attending our church with her boyfriend. She is a fun girl who I look forward to getting to know more. 
Having a blast!

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  1. I always try to plan an outfit with the theme!

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