Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm back!

It's been a long time.

For a while now I've been wanting, or should I say, feeling like I need to, delete my Facebook. I can honestly say I don't get any good from it. I'm nosy, critical, nosy, and so judgemental of all that I see on there. Yes, I laugh a lot and LOVE seeing my friend's pictures! But I waste SOOOOOO much time on there. I have just felt like it was something I needed to do for a while now. The only thing I am going to miss is the people who I probably won't be emailing because FB is our only means of communication, and announcements. Book Club is my only event page that I am actively involved in. I can email with that group, though. I think I've made a good choice, and of course I can always jump on Jason's if I absolutely need to see something!

This means I plan on using the blog more. Hopefully getting Grace involved because she is going to be at home more too. Yesterday was her last day at her school and I'm homeschooling her again. It has been a long hard week but Jason and I are sure we made the right decision for her. She is still a little upset but she is an emotional roller coaster right now! I'll update more on that decision and why later.

Because I always love seeing pictures on blogs, I'll leave you with a picture we had taken at church.

Christmas 2011

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