Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't ask

I don't know how the heck I wrote in February that I am going to be updating more often. Now it's June.

I know I don't have to explain anything. We have been gearing up for a our big move in a couple of weeks. Well, it's only 1 hour south of here, but that is enough to have to change almost everything; church, school, and even some friends! I am slowly packing this week while Marcus is at camp daily. Grace has not helped at all. Seriously. I think it has to do with being fresh out of school and wanting to lay around for a bit. I agree. I just finished a semester of full time school and that is probably to blame for my lack of physical labor around our house.

I'll post more about our move soon. This move means we have no vacation planned in the next month or two, but Grace has some pretty exciting adventures coming up. We decided to let her loose for a bit so she can spend six weeks with my family in Israel. In July they will be visiting Poland, Austria, and Prague. I'm slightly jealous. I'm planning something this fall for Jason and I. I don't care what…just something. I'm hoping to do Italy or Amsterdam during the winter with my exchange student friends. I'm kind of excited about the idea of going anywhere right now. It's been too long and we are ready to get the heck out of dodge so to speak. I'll definitely keep you informed.

Here are a few recent pics

Grace and cousin Isa at graduation.

Grace and friend at Civil War Oakland Mansion

Marcus at Easter Seals camp

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  1. Grace is so pretty. Visitng your folks in Israel will be such a great experience for her. Most people can only dream of doing something like that. Wow!!