Sunday, October 9, 2011

the Dress

 I don't normally take pictures of myself and post them all over for the heck of it. I found a comical reason for this post.

I have been wanting a cute dress to wear with my boots for the fall. I know you've all seen the style I'm talking about; the Taylor Swiftish look. And yes, I know I'm not 19 or 20 or however old she is. I'd like to think mid thirties can still get away with this style. But, someone said a funny thing at church this morning. 

I was actually thinking of taking a picture so I could text it to my sisters and show them my "Taylor Swift for Big Girls" look. I didn't do that. The ironic thing was an older gentlemen at church this morning asked me if I thought Taylor Swift's style influenced fashion at all. Uh. Duh. Obviously it does. I think he was trying to be a smarty pants. But oh well. I did tell him, "yes," I think her style does influence fashion and I know I'm not 19 anymore! He was nice and laughed about it but I thought it a little comical that he asked me that, in a serious tone.

On the other hand, I did get a lot of compliments. I don't know if I'll be wearing this dress again anytime soon because the little (and I mean very little) black slip underneath is way too tight. I kept pulling it down all morning. Not comfortable. Nor is the feeling of fabric on my lower cheeks when sitting because the dress is too short. Blech. 


  1. Well I think you look super cute!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the dress and boots. Seriously, you look FABULOUS! Where is the dress from?

  3. You look terrific! I don't think the look is too young at all -- or, as one of my British friends would say, you do not look like "mutton dressed as lamb."