Saturday, October 1, 2011


I read yesterday about a 31 days of … basically it's 31 days to whatever you feel like you can write about for 31 days. For a brief moment I  pondered if I really could write about something for 31 days. At this point in my life I feel like I could write about proper etiquette in different situations. That is about the only thing I could think of that I had enough to say about! It might have something to do with weddings, showers, graduations and babies that seem to happen all the time. Not to mention I have LOTS  of opinions. But…

I'm a full time student and let's face it. I know you completely understand why I can't commit to blogging for 31 consecutive days. I'll tuck that away for another time. I do enjoy blogging but it's been tough with school. I don't have to explain. But I will tell you about my semester so far.

Freshmen Biology. This is the second and only science I have to take and I saved it for last on purpose; I hate  dislike science. I honestly didn't even pass chemistry in high school. Albeit, I'm an adult now and a totally different student than I was in high school. I still was not looking forward to this biology course. It doesn't help when your classmates ALL say that this specific professor is tough. Great.  After one month I have been pleasantly surprised. I sit in class fascinated most days as I'm learning more about cells and genetics. It truly is miraculous the way our bodies are made up! So, it's definitely not as bad as I thought and I got an 82 on the first exam. I'm a-ok with that and I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing. Show up for class, take good notes, and study for several days before each exam.

Survey of World History I (this used to by World Civilization). This is my only online class. So far my online classes have been pretty easy and they have worked well with my schedule. This is a course for my major and I can't believe how much reading is involved. I'm majoring in history, and if the rest of college is like this,  it's going to wear me out and I definitely won't be able to attend full time. Even now I'm behind on reading. I'm hoping it won't hurt me too bad on our first exam in a couple of days. We'll see. I do thoroughly enjoy the reading, it's just A LOT!

British Literature. This class has been awesome so far. We read a story, watch the movie. Read a story, watch the movie.  So far we have watched "The Man Who Would Be King" and "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (Jack Palance version). I actually called my brother after the first movie and said, "you have to watch this movie, I think you'll love it!" It was an old Sean Connery and Michael Caine movie. It truly was a great story. Our professor has reiterated since day one of class how important stories are. This is the theme of the class.
I actually really enjoy this professor as he has a great sense of humor and is very personable. He showed a clip of this woman one day on youtube. This was a christian comedian whom I have heard of for years in the church. I thought, what the heck is he doing showing this? What's the point? I even almost blurted out how funny she was but how annoying her voice was (that was almost my thinking out loud that I do way too often). I am so glad I kept my mouth shut because a guy behind me said, "that's your wife, huh?" My professor of course told us it was his wife and I was shocked. I could not believe it! I called my mom, sister, and a couple of my friends after class and told them the story. They all knew who she was and thought it was ironic that Chonda Pierce's husband is my professor! …click on her name for the cute clip we watched.

Political Science. I love this class, even if it is my 7:30 −10:30am on Friday morning class! It's just a fun class with lots of discussion about government. I feel like I'm learning much that I didn't know and am also seeing some things in a different light. Our professor is probably about 70 years old. I believe he has a couple Master's degrees and a Doctorate. He's an educated man, of course. He told us all at the beginning that he only does two exams and they are both take home. I can live with that! He also told us to be thinking of where we want to eat breakfast one morning because he will treat us all once this semester! I'm hoping to take the second part of this course with him next semester.

All paper writing aside, I'm enjoying this semester. I do feel like I am not able to do as much with the kids as I would like so I might slow down next semester. I'm clearly the oldest in all my classes with the exception of one older man in my Biology class. In my Pol Sci class yesterday Dr. Kraus said that he was going to write me a recommendation to  law school. I cracked up! I definitely don't want to work in that field. While I would like to dress up cute and wear cute heels to an office everyday, well, okay, maybe not everyday. It does sound nice though! Ha. That's a whole different story.

I'll have some pics next week. The kids and I are working on some fall crafts this week during the break!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are so busy. But your classes sound really interesting. I hope you can stay on top of the work without too much stress. Hang in there.