Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last week I downloaded a free mini-book of different recipes for pumpkin. There are many that I can't wait to try. Of course I'll have to do lots of delivering to friends or else I will eat more than my fair share! I wanted to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins a couple of weeks ago and I only had a large jar of pumpkin. I made it anyways and had Grace delivering plates of muffins to several different neighbors! I'm sure they thought I was crazy! Those muffins turned out pretty good if you ate them immediately. I didn't seem to think they were as good the next day. 
This morning I decided to try the Pumpkin Coffee Cake. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was not as pumpkin tasting as I like, but still wonderful and fallish! 

I don't like having to use three different bowls. Just more stuff to wash.  But I kind of had to with this recipe because it was layered.

Before baking.  This is totally a Laurie thing. I forgot all about adding the butter to the streusel. I ended up just melting  and pouring some on top after this picture!

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

1/2 c. plus 1/3 c. butter, softened and divided
3/4 c. plus 1/3 c. sugar, divided
4 eggs, divided
1 t. vanilla
2 c. all purpose flour
1 t. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1 c. sour cream ( I didn't have quite a cup and added some vanilla greek yogurt)
1 15oz. can pumpkin
1 t. pumpkin pie spice (or use your own pumpkin spices)
1. c. brown sugar, packed
2 t. cinnamon
1 c. chopped nuts ( I used pecan pieces)

Blend together 1/2 c. butter, 3/4 c. sugar and 3 eggs until creamy; add vanilla. Mix in flour, baking powder and baking soda. Add sour cream; set batter aside. 
Combine pumpkin, remaining egg and remaining sugar; stir in pumpkin pie spice and set aside.
Prepare streusel by combining brown sugar, remaining butter, cinnamon and nuts; set aside.
Spray 13"x9" baking dish with non-stick vegetable spray. Spoon in half the batter; top with half the streusel, then ALL the pumpkin mixture. Spread on remaining batter then top with remaining streusel mixture. 
Bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes to one hour, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 
Makes 15 servings.

-I baked for exactly 50 min but would suggest about 55 min. The batter around the pumpkin mixture could have cooked a little longer.


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  1. Oh my gosh, this recipe looks heavenly. Thank you for sharing.