Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Uniforms?

I had to turn in a working bibliography for my English class. This paper was due tonight but I won't tell you how long I have known about it. I always say, if I turn it in early, I may find something else I want to add! I usually do several drafts and get it all together at the last minute.

My paper is arguing school uniforms. I AM ALL FOR SCHOOL UNIFORMS. I was shocked at all of the arguments against uniforms. I was surprised because I have never spoken with one who is not for uniforms. Granted, I have not done a lot of interviewing! Mostly my friends and other acquaintances have agreed that they would support uniforms in their local schools.

Several of you have worked in school or have children who attend schools with uniforms. I want to know what you think? Am I a loner on this issue? Or do you agree?


  1. I think for a parent its awesome. For a kid I remember it coming up in HS and was NOT in favor. Just the expression through clothes and feeling like an individual were reasons I remember being against them.

  2. Our girls went to a private school until this year and we LOVE uniforms. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They make life easier for all involved.

  3. I love it that the public schools are doing this! I love pulling up to Joe's school & seeing the kids in nice pants & polo shirts. They look so much better & smarter! When I go to the zoo, the kids who are in regular clothes are running a muck (Williamson & Rutherford)...but the kids from Metro are so well behaved! I know that sounds weird since Metro schools are suppose to be so "bad", but it is true! Don't know if the uniforms make 'em act better, but I saw a huge difference!

  4. My kids' schools do NOT have uniforms, but I would be all for it. I am sure the kids would complain. I think overall it would be easier. My cousin's kids started wearing uniforms this year. Pull out a white shirt and navy or khaki bottoms and your kid is set. She has four kids so once she was past the initial cost, she was good. I pick Rachel up from school and I every single day I see several girls who are dressed way too provocatively (sp?) for middle schoolers. The other students in your class who argued against school uniforms are probably younger and don't have kids. Makes a difference.