Monday, November 8, 2010

A new stage

We have totally entered a new phase of life with our daughter. I remember playing sports like it was yesterday. I played basketball in middle school and quit after one year. I could have been a great player. I hated practice and I never got to play so I gave up too quick. Unfortunately, my father allowed me to quit. I went on to watch my best friend start in high school and I kept the books. Speaking of, who knew you could get a scholarship for that? Crazy huh? I didn't, but heard recently they award that. 

Grace is playing basketball. She has practice till 5 everyday (M-F). Her games are twice weekly. Today she played at 4:15, with the JV team. The JV boys played after JV girls. Then the actual middle school teams play. So…after all is said and done we sat at this school from 4:15 to 7pm. WOW! I was not ready for this. I do know that there is no way I could do this with a little child. Marcus hates it enough as it is! I have learned to bring plenty for him to do. I have actually downloaded some games on my phone that he loves. I usually end up glancing at the screen and sometimes he has switched to taking pictures. People would probably sue if they knew how many pictures Marcus has taken of random people! I stop him when he does, but he just loves to take pictures! 

So what a stage of life this is. Hours at the gym and carpooling. I have learned to pack lots of snacks. After several play games I have learned to pack more than enough because you would not believe the parents that send no snacks or money with their children. Don't get me started on that though. That's another post in itself. 

Oh the joys of middle schoolers…and their parents!

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