Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't laugh...

 but my brother and his new wife just had their two month anniversary. I say don't laugh because when you are no longer newlyweds, it's easy to chuckle about such a short amount of time. Unless of course you are married to a romantic who still insist on flowers, sweet notes and celebrating weeks and months of being together. If you are married to one of these, don't comment. HA!

Marcus and Aunt Aunna

The clan. Marcus was too hot for his suit coat.
Terry thought he would surprise Aunna with something sweet and inexpensive, as they are moving in a couple of weeks and we all know the cost involved with Uhauls, deposits and so on. He, with a little help of myself, came up with the idea to have Grace and Marcus dress up and wait on them in the dining room with a candlelit dinner. 

I cooked one of Terry's favorite, gnocchi soup that he loves so much and Aunna's favorite, brownies.  

I think we pulled it off fine. The kids seemed to enjoy it. 


  1. Hope PG didn't spoil the evening...she might be good BC for them! HA!

  2. Very, very sweet!

    Heather R.

  3. How sweet! So nice of you to help.