Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today was much more difficult. I'm a little sore from yesterday, and it was a longer class. I am feeling great though! I am trying to follow the schedule exactly like it's written. I know this might be difficult, as I might have to change the days I rest. It is a six day program. If I follow correctly, tomorrow is a rest day. This actually works out great because I have to leave the house before 6am to take a group of exchange students to the capital in Nashville. I will not be back till around 3pm and then have a couple of hours before Grace has soccer, and a parent meeting. My only problem is Saturday. We are hosting a group tenth grade girls for a Disciple Now conference. I am way too embarrassed to perform this workout in front of anyone! HA! I am thinking I may do it while they are in a "session" or while they are at church in the evening. We shall see. I can't let that be my reason for skipping that day too! 

I took my before pictures and I have promised myself to put them on the blog at the end of the 90 days, with my after pics. That is motivation enough for me to keep it up! My friend suggested weekly. HAHAHA! That is funny. Yeah Right! 

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