Thursday, February 21, 2013

DAY 10 & 11

I finagled my schedule so I could be on the right days with my calendar that was sent. I was writing in different days and it got confusing. So...I skipped two days ahead and am on track. I'll just add two days at the end. Yesterday was a rest day and today was so hard to get up. I definitely have more energy than last week though -for sure!
I've been making protein smoothies for breakfast and they are so yummy and filling. I'm adding a teaspoon of Chia seeds that have 5 grams of fiber! That is a lot! Today's lunch I grabbed quickly on my way out the door; boiled egg, half avocado, a piece of turkey bologna, and two slices RF cheese. I realize now that while these are pretty healthy, I probably need to watch that fat a little more, and try to keep it lower. You think? I'm drinking lots of water too. I'm staying pretty full, also.
Apparently the picture from Instagram didn't work when I emailed the link. I won't bother with that again! I'll send it separately. I discovered the recipe on the side of the raw spinach bag for sautéing it. YUM!! I've been doing that almost everyday! I sided with with Tilapia and it was delish.
It seems I have so far to go, but I'm taking it day by day.

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