Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I spent just shy of four hours at the middle school gym today. Grace had three "play" games, in which different schools just get together and play each other to basically get practice in. The actual season doesn't start till November and let's just say, that is a darn good thing.
They have a new coach this year and praise God for that. I get about two emails a week that he sends with updates, announcements, and anything new. The only problem with Grace practicing every day, excluding Sundays, is that she is already tired of basketball. She is ready for soccer to start, and then she will be tired of that and ready for basketball again! This is the reason she is not on any type of competitive, travel team. She thought she wanted to be, we thought she should be too until we realized the lives that so many other family's live with kids that play travel/select teams. That's just not the life we want to live. Personally I'd rather invest the time in an instrument or art lessons, something that she can do till she's 80 years old, Lord willing. But, again, this is my blog and my opinions!

So while we are on that…

what would you do if you were watching the game (basketball) with the other parents and a group of moms were yelling so loud and making fools of themselves? Do you give them the attention they want, scoot down a few rows, or just ignore them?

Ugh…now you know what I deal with at all her games.

Marcus did great. He does not like sitting at her games unless he is eating nachos and pizza. The kid weighs ten lbs more than Grace, so he is not allowed to eat that at every game! I brought snacks today in a cooler.  Plus, I told him we are going bowling after VBS on Thursday, so all he says is "go bowling on June 9th."
He's anxiously awaiting that day!


  1. For obnoxious moms...I think you should get an airhorn and blow it in their direction during games. Ok, true, I'm not brave enough. Or you could give them the attention they want and comment, "Wow, momma, you certainly don't mind embarrassing yourself for your kid, do you?" Then give her that courtesy chuckle.

  2. I love the airhorn idea Anonymous mentioned. If you don't want to do it, you could give it to Marcus or you could say something to him like, "Loud moms at the game are rude." and then he would repeat it when he heard them yelling. LOL!

    I do not like the craziness of kids' activities. None of us are athletes so we haven't had the worry of games and practices, but I know all too many whose lives are ruled by those schedules. One kid heavily involved in a sport is bad enough, but most of the people in my neighborhood have 2 or 3 kids in sports. It is crazy.

    My kids all are in Scouts and sometimes balancing that gets hairy. Aaron takes martial arts. He meets at the school after school one day a week and Saturday mornings. Rachel was on yearbook staff but that also met right after school. She was also in band which at this age doesn't require much outside of school. Hannah also did an after school class once a week. I'll stop because this comment is turning into an entire post!! I know I talk a lot and I guess that spills over into my typing!! LOL!