Thursday, June 2, 2011

End and beginning.

I can truly say this year that Marcus had wonderful teachers. I know learning is important, but people and communication skills are just as valuable in my opinion. His teachers this year loved him AND liked him!

This is Marcus and his teacher and two aids. Marcus has been in sped classes since we have lived in TN and he got lucky with a great class this year. I would say all of the kids are pretty much higher functioning than he is, with a few at about his level. The stories I hear when he gets home are hilarious. I often bragged to his teachers how good they had it with their class this year. They talked about how much the kids tattled on each other and just barked at each other all day long. I said, "well, you could be changing diapers," to which they replied with a sigh of relief. This was not like other sped classes Marcus has been in. Every student in this class is potty trained and communicates effectively, in one way or another. 

I am grateful for teachers that loved him so much and figured out that sometimes, bribing works with him. I'm thankful that when he would sneak a dollar to school they would get him a sprite out of the teacher's lounge. At the times they would tell me he did something defiant or was being ornery, but they couldn't help but laugh and say, "we just can't be mad at Marcus though." It did cause me to chuckle and be grateful because I have subbed enough to know that many teachers can't stand half of their students. I think teaching is one of the hardest jobs to have, and they are certainly under paid and under-appreciated. We all know that. But, I am so thankful for the great guidance he received this last year and will receive for one more year at this school.
Marcus with his teachers.

I do not have a green thumb. 

While I love what green thumbs can produce…I just have never mastered it. These plants were not planted far enough in the dirt (in my opinion, that is different from my hubby's). I attempted to shift them and when that didn't work, I just pulled them up and re-dug a bigger hole for them. I guess they are dead now. Because they look like this. 

It is also going to be a very long summer! Need I say more. He is playing on my phone in this picture. I took them to the pool for three hours today. In which I realized my tanning oil with spf 8 is not enough for that long in the sun. I burned. Ugh. 

 We were home not more than an hour after the pool and Marcus was in the chair like this, "ready go bye bye." I of course said, "we are not going anywhere else today." Then he replied with, "friends come over?" 


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  1. Laurie, ask Marcus, "Wanna go to Texas...see Uncle Josh, Aunt Kellie?"