Sunday, September 4, 2011

A sweet surprise!

We finally made it to see my sweet new niece, Isa Lynn. She is four weeks old now. Terry (brother) and Aunna live in MS and we had a hard time getting down to see them. My mom was meeting us down there because she is going to spend the next week with us before she heads back to Israel. 
We got to MS around 2am and were wiped out. My mom said because it was so late to just come drop the kids off at Terry's place because the hotel she reserved for us only had one queen bed. I had such a nice surprise waiting at 2:00am! My sister, who also had a baby less than two weeks ago, was waiting for us at their house. My brother walks out on the porch holding our niece, Moriah! I was so happy and felt so special that my sister and Josh drove from TX so we could all be together this weekend. I have taken tons of pics and had a blast with my nieces! They are exactly 20 days apart! It's been a sweet couple of days!
Moriah and Isa Lynn

Sweet Surprise!

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  1. What precious babies. Congrats to you and your extended clan on the additions to the family!