Friday, August 26, 2011

Classes start tomorrow! Yikes! 

I am taking a full load this semester and managed to get all my classes on campus with the exception of one that starts online tomorrow. I get to start my 'area of concentration' classes this semester, too. I have a history and political science class this time. I'm quite excited.

I've decided to major in History for secondary education. Several of my friends are teachers now and I get excited watching them go back to school. I can't wait till I can finish school and start teaching!

My sister, Kellie, had her sweet girl this week. They chose not to find out the gender of the baby. Wednesday night was a very exciting night for our family. I was thrilled to get the phone call that little Moriah Hope was welcomed into this world! I can't wait to visit her, but not sure when that will be. Texas is far!

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  1. I hope your first week of school has gone well. I majored in History, so I'm excited that you are too. :-)