Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turbo Fire is DONE…and I said I'd post pics- AHHH!


You know when you are starting a diet, a workout program, or even a household project for that matter, and you think after a few days, "why the heck isn't anything changing?"

…you know you have been there.


- this following is going to be a little personal (the picture) but I am confident that I need to be open about my story in order to help others. Plus, seeing is believing! Right? 

I started Turbo Fire in February after being fed up and ready to make some changes. I knew that I didn't have money to purchase a trainer (plus that took time going to the gym), I knew that I only had control of ME; what I did for activity and what I put in my mouth. A friend told me about Turbo Fire. He is a Independent Beachbody Coach and knew that I would love the upbeat music and fun that this workout offered. He also new I was active and wanted to lose weight and SEE some changes. I ordered Turbo Fire and there happended to be a FaceBook challenge group going on. I am so glad that I joined. The accountability from that group helped a lot and having to send in pictures every 30 days is a HUGE motivator in my opinion. I am SO GLAD that I took pictures. It really helped me to see changes that I wasn't seeing in the mirror and it motivated me to keep it up. I have lost 25 lbs and out of over 700 group members in the challenge I was one of the top ten Grand Prize winners! I haven't received my prize yet, but I'm pretty sure it's Beachbody apparell. How crazy is that? I don't even remember what the prizes are!

Day 1 & Day 90 of Turbo Fire
While I am pleased with the results so far, I am not where I want to be. I ordered another Beachbody program that I am incorporating with another round of Turbo Fire. It is a weight program and I'm confident I'll lost more body fat with this program.

I am also considering being a Beachbody coach because I've been so happy with this company and the programs they put out. I've had a lot of people ask me what I did! Someone asked me yesterday what supplements I was taking. I responded with a multivitamin! I am eating right and haven't taken any type of fat loss or energy supplements. Beachbody does have a shake that they make (Shakeology, a meal replacement shake) and I am going to be trying that soon because it is a protein shake with all the fuits and veggie servings, nutrients, etc.. I get plenty of that, but I think it would be great for my husband and kiddos too. I believe correcting my metabolism has been the result of my eating and working out and metabolism is key to losing weight. We all know that.

-Sharing this pic was hard but I want you all to see what a different taking the pics makes! It speaks volumes. I am soooooo glad that I joined Beachbody and purchasd Turbo Fire! 

I'll keep you updated at the end of my 90 days with ChaLean Extreme. I started that today!

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